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Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 11311634
Copyright: baska8777
Date: September 11, 2001
Subject: Smoke escaping the burning towers of the World Trade Center in New York following the 9/11 attack.

11 septembre avec source shutterstock_62949358

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 62949358
Copyright: Ken Tannenbaum
Date: September 11, 2001
Subject: World Trade Center.


Copyright: Sue Ream, photographer (San Francisco, California)
Date: November 9, 1989
Subject: The crowd on the Berlin Wall near the Brandenburg Gate, November 9, 1989
Inscription on the sign: « Warning, you are leaving now West Berlin », additional inscription – tagged -: « How? »



Copyright: -auteur inconnu- originally uploaded to EN by User:Chrisn4255
Date: 1991
Subject: From left to right, US Presidents Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library (1991), which houses a reconstruction of the oval office. King of the House of David.

Copyright: en:user:Aivazovsky
Date: April 13, 2006
Subject: The world in 1980, by political affiliation, during the Cold War.

Copyright: Iraqi News Agency
Date: August 7, 1990
Subject: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein (right) welcomes Colonel Alaa Hussein Ali, Kuwait’s « free » interim Prime Minister for unification talks in Baghdad on August 7, 1990

Date: February 12, 1991, 18:03:13
Subject: Patriot missiles fired to intercept an Iraqi Scud missile over the city of Tel Aviv.

Copyright: This is photograph GLF 1058 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums
Date: 1991
Subject: US Armed Forces in the 1991 Gulf War: A formation of different coalition aircraft in flight over Saudi Arabia. From the top, a Canadian CF-18 Hornet, an American F-16 Falcon, a couple of French Mirage F.1s and an Alpha Jet of the Air Force of the Emir of Qatar. .

Copyright: SSGT. Reeve, US Army
Date: March 27, 1991
Subject: A group of Iraqi T-72 battle tanks destroyed in southern Iraq during Operation Desert Storm.

Copyright: Dept. of State (USA)
Date: February 27, 1996
Subject: Hamas suicide attack in Jerusalem.



Copyright: Hoheit (¿!)
Date: March 17, 2007 (upload)
Subject: Hamas election poster in Ramallah. On the poster: Palestine from the Sea to the River. Does this mean that Israel must be wiped off the map? So that an Islamic theocracy can be established between the Mediterranean (sea) and the Jordan (river)?

Copyright: B. Železník
Date: December 6, 1983
Subject: Suicide bombing on a bus near Guibea Tsarfatit (Jerusalem, 06.12.1983)


Copyright: DougD
Date: 1992
Subject: Palestinian lynched for collaboration with Israel.



Copyright: Vince Musi / The White House
Date: September 13, 1993
Subject: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, US President Bill Clinton, and PLO President Yasser Arafat at the White House in Washington, DC

Copyright: unknown (source:
Date: October 16, 1998
Subject: US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (C), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat (R) at Houghton House at the Wye River Conference Center during the Wye talks rivet

Date: October 1, 1982
Subject: Aerial view of the stadium used in Lebanon as an ammunition supply site for the Palestine Liberation Organization during a confrontation with the Israelis. Marines have been deployed here to participate in a multinational peacekeeping operation.

Copyright: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (identifiant 186364)
Date: October 30, 1991
Subject: President Bush at the Middle East Peace Conference at the Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain


Copyright: Yossi Zur
Date: – The massacre of Maalot- 15/05/1974
Subject: Tombs of the victims of the Ma’alot massacre (15/05/1974) at Safed cemetery


Copyright: Sharon Farmer
Date: November 2, 1999
Subject: Barak, Arafat and Bill Clinton in peace negotiations (Oslo?).

Copyright: Oren1973
Date: 1998
Subject: Tank positioned in the security zone in South Lebanon.

Copyright: Eternalsleeper
Date: 2009 (?)
Subject: Hezbollah sign on the road in southern Lebanon near the Litani River.

Copyright: unknown
Date: 1957
Subject: Ariel Sharon and David Ben Gurion at a meeting in 1957

Copyright: White House photo
Date: January 20, 2001
Subject: President George W. Bush and Laura Bush parade at the inaugural parade on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Copyright: Dr. Avishai Teicher
Date: January 27, 2016 (photo)
Subject: Memorial to the Dolphinarium massacre in Tel Aviv. (Features an annotation in Russian: « This is our house »).

Copyright: Israël Defense Forces
Date: 12 September 2005, 06:51
Subject: IDF forces leave the Gaza Strip as part of Operation « Last Dawn », the last step of the Gaza disengagement, which took place in the summer of 2005.

Copyright: MathKnight
Date: April 24, 2007 (Israel Independence Day)
Object: AH-64 Apache


Copyright: unknown
Date: September 11, 2001
Subject: View of New York after the North Tower of the World Trade Center (WTC 1) was hit by the flight of Flight 11.

Copyright: unknown
Date: around 1989-1993
Purpose: Official portrait of Defense Secretary Richard B. Cheney, who will later become US Vice President.



11 septembre poussiere shutterstock_99057281

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 99057281
Copyright: Anthony Correia
Date: September 11, 2001
Subject: New York firefighters walk near the area that will be referred to as « Ground Zero » after the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 in New York City.

Copyright: courtesy of the Prints and Photographs Division. Library of Congress
Date: 1553
Reference: inventory number 2002717279
Subject: Part of a series of unallocated photographs of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, New York City

Copyright: Jocelyn Augustino / FEMA
Date: August 30, 2005
Subject: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, August 30, 2005. Survivors sitting on a roof waiting to be rescued after Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans evacuated as a result of Hurricane Katrina floods

1024px-Park_Hotel_in_Netenya,_Israel annoteDistributor:
Copyright: Avi1111 dr. avishai teicher
Date: January 20, 2012
Subject: Park Hotel in Netanya (Israel)


Copyright: Israël Defense Forces
Date: April 8, 2002, 7:44 am
Subject: A soldier stands guard during an operational activity in Nablus.


Date: January 23, 2003, 13:45:36
Subject: IDF forces capture a terrorist in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The terrorist was disguised as a woman in order to enter Israel to carry out a terrorist attack.



Date: April 20, 2003
Subject: IDF operation in Rafah, during which Sergeant Lior Ziv was killed and three other soldiers were wounded. Two tunnels used for smuggling weapons were found during this operation.

Copyright: EdoM
Date: August 2005
Subject: Tel Aviv – View of Frishman Beach


Gdp_per_capita_ppp_world_map_2005 annteDistributor:
Copyright: Original uploader was User:Roke.
Date: 2008
Subject: Map of GDP per capita (power parity) in 2005.

PikiWiki_Israel_15500_quot;Gesherquot;_theatre_in_Jaffa annoteDistributor:
Copyright: Dr. Avishai Teicher
Date: November 23, 2011
Subject: Theater « Gesher » in Jaffa (Tel Aviv) / Israel.


Copyright: Sputnik
Date: April 20, 2003
Subject: Ethiopian women at Kotel during Pesach week.


Copyright: Robert Friend Weber Whitlock from Olympia, Washington
Date: January 3, 2009, 13:27
Subject: Seattle (USA) – A young woman holds a sign comparing Israel’s actions to those of Nazi Germany