Psalm 54

English translation got from website:

  1. For the conductor, on neginoth, a maskil of David.
  2. When the Ziphim came and said to Saul, « Is not David hiding with us? »
  3. O God, with Your name save me, and with Your might avenge me.
  4. O God, hearken to my prayer, incline Your ear to the words of my mouth.
  5. For strangers rose upon me and violent men sought my soul; they did not place God before them forever.
  6. Behold, God is my Helper; the Lord is [help] to those who support my soul.
  7. He will return the evil to those who lie in wait for me; cut them off with Your truth.
  8. With generosity, I will slaughter sacrifices to You; I will thank Your name, O Lord, because it is good.
  9. For He saved me from every distress, and my eye saw my enemies.