Psalm 84

English translation got from website:

  1. For the conductor, on the gittith, of the sons of Korah, a song.
  2. How beloved are Your dwelling places, O Lord of Hosts!
  3. My soul yearns, yea, it pines for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh pray fervently to the living God.
  4. Even a bird found a house and a swallow her nest, where she placed her chicks upon Your altars, O Lord of Hosts, my King and my God.
  5. Fortunate are those who stay in Your house; they will continually praise You forever.
  6. Fortunate is the man who has strength in You, in whose heart are the highways.
  7. Transgressors in the valley of weeping make it into a fountain; also with blessings they enwrap [their] Teacher.
  8. They go from host to host; he will appear to God in Zion.
  9. O Lord, God of Hosts, hearken to my prayer; bend Your ear, O God of Jacob, forever.
  10. See our shield, O God, and look at the face of Your anointed.
  11. For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand; I chose to sit on the threshold of the house of My God rather than dwell in tents of wickedness.
  12. For a sun and a shield is the Lord God; the Lord will give grace and glory; He will not withhold good from those who go with sincerity.
  13. O Lord of Hosts, fortunate is the man who trusts in You.