2010 AD to 2030 AD, Psalm 147: The glaciation

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This generation of the 2010s and 2020s.

According to our count, this generation is the 147th generation associated with Psalm 147. It is in this Psalm 147 that we therefore find an illustration of the facts of this generation. This generation is the one we are living, or, at least, the one we are living when I write this chapter (2015).

This Psalm 147 therefore predicts the facts of this generation, those already known because already past and those unknown because concerning our near future.

This generation is the last one described on my website because it corresponds to the “end of cycles”, which I recall at the beginning of the chapter.

The beginning of the psalm confirms to us “the reunification of Jerusalem” which is well underway despite the opposition of the nations since the beginning of this generation.

This hostility of nations is in fact released in this generation, « the fourth generation after the Shoah », this is the subject of the rest of the psalm.

This relentlessness justifies the « divine punishment » which must befall the nations complicit in the Shoah. This is announced at the end of the psalm.


The end of cycles

This psalm accompanies the one hundred and forty-seventh generation of the night, the one hundred and forty-seventh generation since the death of Solomon.

This generation, the generation from 2010 AD to 2030 AD is the one we live or at least the one we live when I write this chapter (2015).

As a preliminary to the analysis of the psalm of this generation, associated with the present generation, we can recall a certain number of elements already mentioned above, in the comments of the other psalms.

This one hundred and forty-seventh generation is the closing of several important cycles that we have previously mentioned.

One hundred forty-seven this corresponds to three times forty-nine. This generation is the last generation of the third watch of the night. Each guard lasts about 1000 years, about 3 millennia for the three guards. These three millennia began with the death of Solomon we chose, compared to existing estimates, to set at 930 BC, others indicate 928 BC.

This generation, the present generation, from 2010 AD to 2030 AD, is the last of a hundred and forty-seven generations of curses for the Jewish people who were sacrificed to each of them as the sheep of holocausts at the time of the Temple of Jerusalem.

The first watch of the night corresponding to the curses of Leviticus passed from 930 BC (Solomon’s death) to 50 AD, during which time the people of Israel lived in the presence of the Temple of Jerusalem, the first or the second.

The second watch of the night began in 50 AD. She started with the 50th generation (from 50 AD to 70 AD). Either the generation of the destruction of the second temple initiating the long exile of the Jewish people without Temple. This second watch of the night ended in 1030 AD on a monotheistic world. Whether at the ends of Europe or the Middle East, everyone known at this time is either under the influence of Christianity or under the influence of Islam.

The present generation closes the third watch of the night which began in 1030. The corresponding generation, the 99th, that of the years 1030 AD to 1050 AD had been the occasion of the true birth of Europe as we had described during the study of the psalm of this 99th generation.

From the beginning of this third watch, the Jews collaborate widely in the development of Europe, of Christian Europe, a Europe that culturally and politically dominates the world throughout this third guard of the night. This Jewish contribution is constant until modern times when it can be symbolized by the fairly representative trio Einstein / Freud / Marx.

Despite this, Europe has been far from showing its gratitude to the Jewish people. This third watch of the night sees succeeding the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Pogroms and finally the Shoah. It is also to the present generation that the 80 years of the Shoah can be « commemorated », whatever the date chosen for its initialization, from 1938 (crystal night) to 1942 (Wannsee Conference). 80 years give us from 2018 to 2022. Shoah that took place during the generation 143, from 1930 AD to 1950 AD.

In addition to closing the count of the three cycles of the night this generation also closes other counts already mentioned elsewhere on this website.

Thus in the Gospels, following the interpretation that we had evoked for Psalm 48, this generation is the hundredth of Christianity and therefore the last of this religion.

So if the current generation closes the night of the Jewish people, it also symbolizes the end of the major monotheistic religions, Christianity and Islam, at least as they have been practiced or taught until now.

Finally, remember that if we choose 928 BC as the date of Solomon’s death, the beginning of the current generation would be 2012 instead of 2010. This would give a serious correspondence with the Mayan calendar which sees 2012 as the end of a cycle and the beginning of another.

The present generation is one of forty-seven generations of curse, but it is the last of these generations and therefore concludes them. For the Jewish people, this means the end of exile and return to their land.

The Jewish people have always wanted to resettle on their land and never abandoned it. Many Jews in all generations have tried to find their land. Many have paid with their lives without being able to settle permanently undergoing the harassment and attacks of different peoples and conquerors who tried to integrate the land of Israel into their empire.

All these ephemeral conquerors have now disappeared. The Jewish people, despite the various attempts to make it disappear, still exist today even though the attacks do not stop.

The reunification of Jerusalem

Since the last century the attempt to return to Zion has been more effective, and today, the Jewish people disposes of a land, of their land, that they live again: the land of Israel.

Of course we are still in the night, even if it ends, and this return is fought simultaneously by the adherents of the other two monotheistic religions. Christianity and Islam represented nearly 4 billion people (3.8 billion in 2012 [1]) against about 14 million people (2015 estimate [2]) for the Jewish people. Let’s envy 4 Jews per 1000 Christians and Muslims.

As we have seen, the time of power of these two religions ends in this generation, perhaps because they unconsciously feel that end that the followers of these religions are even more combative.

The world wants all or part of the land of Israel to become Palestine.

This name is the name given by Hadrian when he fought the Jewish revolt in the second century and watered the land with Jewish blood.

Apart from this name of Hadrian who wanted to punish the pugnacity of the Jewish people, Palestine never existed as a state entity, nor the Palestinian people as a people of a constituted state.


What is called Palestine today is only a part of Greater Syria which itself was a province of the Ottoman Empire. Many of those claiming to be Palestinians today have much of their family tree well outside the territory known as Palestine today. Arafat, who has long been a leader of those claiming to be « Palestinian people », was himself born in Cairo, Egypt, and therefore has no attachment to the land of Israel except to claim this land as land of Islam.

Similarly, the development of Jerusalem is the initiative of the Jewish population, Muslims have settled outside the walls of Jerusalem late and relatively recently. The will of those claiming to be Palestinians to establish their capital in Jerusalem, even limited to East Jerusalem, is only an attempt of last resort to prevent the Jewish people from regaining their sovereignty over the reunited and rebuilt city of Jerusalem.

In spite of the concentrated and intensifying attacks, the beginning of this generation sees the Jewish people reclaiming Jerusalem while progressively the Jews of the world who claim their Judaism voluntarily give up, or on the pressure of anti-Semitic acts, the world to relocate to the land of Israel.

Many Jews considered themselves of Jewish origin without the slightest attachment to the Mosaic religion or the land of Israel. These Jews are now considering a real return to their Jewish roots, their Jewish soul, in view of the hatred that falls on all sides on them. Including those who « cared » for their Jewish roots.

This return confirms the predictions of Solomon at the inauguration of the Temple:

  • When [6] Your people Israel are struck down before the enemy, because they sin against You, and shall turn again to You, and praise Your name, and pray and make supplication to You in this house.
  • And You shall hear in heaven, and forgive the sin of Your people Israel, and bring them back to the land which You gave to their fathers.

This return to Zion and the rebirth of Jerusalem that fuels the hatred of nations at the beginning of the present generation are the subject of the beginning of this generation’s psalm. The beginning of the psalm of this generation is also a promise of definitive sovereignty of the people of Israel on their land and of the final rebuilding of Jerusalem. Which presumably includes the Temple Mount where once stood the first temple of Solomon and the second Temple:

  1. Hallelujah! For it is good to sing to our God; because He is pleasant, praise is fitting for Him.
  2. The Lord is the builder of Jerusalem; He will gather the outcasts of Israel.

The fourth generation after the Holocaust

We have already mentioned that the current generation that closes the night of the Jewish people, also symbolizes the end of the major monotheistic religions, Christianity and Islam. At least as they have been practiced or taught so far.

In fact, the realization of the predictions of David’s psalms when the end of pariah character of the Jewish people and his return of sovereignty of the Jewish people on his Earth should be enough to convince the Christians who opposed it, because for them the book of psalms is sacred.

For Muslims who for at least a century have opposed in any way possible this end of pariah status and sovereignty over the Holy Land, the same should be true if they respect the writings of the Koran. Indeed, this one clearly indicates:

  • Your [7] Lord knows best whoever is in the heavens and the earth. Certainly We gave some prophets an advantage over others, and We gave David the Psalms (zabūra).

But in the Zabur – the psalms of David – David indicates, as we have seen psalm by psalm, that the land of Israel must return to the Jewish people again.

The return to the promised land mentioned in the psalm of the present generation concludes three millennia of night for the Jewish people and the end of a long exile among the nations. Exile during which Jews were considered outcasts and often as beings to eliminate.

The pariah position has often been that imposed by the Christian and Muslim religious powers in the early part of the night. Since the entry of the world into modernity, that is to say at the end of the Middle Ages, which one classically places in 1453, the peoples at the same time as they distance themselves from the religious power preserve their animosity towards the Jews which marks the birth of modern antisemitism, which no longer needs sacred texts to justify its hatred of the Jew.

The apogee of this modern antisemitism is reached during the Shoah where the German people with the complicity of the other peoples of the earth tried to definitively eliminate the Jews. It is likely that if Hitler had won the war mainly against the USSR, he would not have much trouble converting the other peoples of the earth to « cleanse » themselves of their Jews.

Not only did Nazism try to eliminate the Jews from the land but also tried to eliminate their memory. Thus the extermination camps would have been dismantled once the Jews were eliminated in order to erase the Jews themselves from the memory of their lives. This was done for one of the first three extermination camps: Sobibor.

Similarly following the first phase of the elimination of the Jews, the Holocaust by bullets, the Nazis have after massive executions reopened the mass graves to burn their bodies and try to remove all traces of their passage on the land of the Jews massacred. Holocaust deniers today are worthy heirs of Nazism.

But the disproportionate efforts of the enemies of the Jewish people to erase their memory are in vain. It is necessary to refer to the divine promises made to Abraham about his descendants:

  • And [8] behold, the word of the Lord came to him, saying, « This one will not inherit you, but the one who will spring from your innards-he will inherit you. »
  • And He took him outside, and He said, « Please look heavenward and count the stars, if you are able to count them. » And He said to him, « So will be your seed.

Promise confirmed to Isaac. Jacob is the heir to the promises made to Abraham and then to Isaac, and especially the one concerning the comparison to the stars, as is recalled from the time of King David:

  • Now David [10] did not take their count from twenty years old and below because the Lord had promised to multiply Israel like the stars of the heavens.

The metaphor of the stars is still recalled in Daniel with a notion of eternity:

  • And the wise [11] will shine like the brightness of the sky, and those who bring the multitudes to righteousness like the stars forever and ever.

Thus, as we have already mentioned, the difficulty of counting the stars of the sky is not simply linked to their high number. This is also due to the fact that the vision that one has of these is only the image materialized by the light emitted by these stars and not the stars themselves.

Lights of stars that still exist or that have not existed for a long time.

Among the stars that we think we can distinguish, many are already extinct. The perceived light is that emitted from « their living », there are thousands of years or even more.

Thus, by taking up Biblical symbolism, in the stars, we discern both the present generation but also the old generations.

Each shining star is thus, according to the divine promise, representative of either a living member of the people of Israel or a member who has died today. Among these, there are those representative of all the children of Israel massacred by their enemies of each generation and in particular that of the Holocaust.

The Nazis thought they could make Jews disappear as well as their memory. But the divine promise makes their efforts vain: those who have been tried to erase still shine.

This is the meaning of the following of the psalm of this generation:

  1. Who (the Lord) heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
  2. He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name.

Divine punishment

Thus the martyrdom of the Jews during the Shoah in particular did not happen without witnesses.

God knows the « name » of each of the Jews who fell 80 years ago.

The reference to « brokenhearted and wounds » is obviously relevant when referring to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust in particular.

Those who were killed in the Shoah by bullets and although they were buried in pits and then dug up to be burned so that nothing remains of their remains, God knows their name.

Those who were killed in the concentration camps upon their arrival or after exhaustion or illness, and although they were put in the crematoriums and their ashes were scattered, God knows their name.

Those who were slaughtered in ghettos, forests, rivers and lakes, their bodies being either lost in the ruins of cities or devoured by wild animals or drowned, God knows their name.

Those who served pseudo scientific experiments, and thus the bodies or what remained of them were burned or put in formalin, God knows their name. All those who have fallen under the rule of Nazi barbarism, God knows them, God knows their name.

Although for a large part of them, no one knows their name, their affiliation, or their history, God knows their name, the name of each, his history, his filiation, his torments, his sorrows, his tears. God knows his executioners, the name of each, their history, their filiation, the tortures they inflicted, the humiliations they have suffered, the tears they have shed.

The current generation (2010 AD to 2030 AD) marks the 80th anniversary of the Shoah, the fourth generation that God raged as he did with the flood or the ten plagues of Egypt and many other opportunities already mentioned.

Some might think that what happened in the 1940s is ancient history and that there might be prescription.

Some even complain of the heirs of the Nazis who must live with this heavy moral onus. It is true that the descendants of the victims do not have this problem: they are not born.

But the blame for the Holocaust can not be erased, for just as the Egyptians by drowning the newborn males of the Jewish slave people in Egypt wanted to actually wipe out the future of the Jewish people, the Nazis with the complicity of the world wanted to annihilate the future of the Jewish people.

Tunisia is one of the few and perhaps the only country occupied by the Nazis where the final solution has not been applied.

Nordafrika: Juden müssen arbeiten.- Die arabische Bevölkerung verfolgt mit sichtlicher Genugtuung den Marsch der zur Arbeit herangezogenen Juden zu ihren Arbeitsstätten. PK-Aufnahme: Kriegsberichter Lüken Tunis, Dezember 1942

Not that the Nazis wanted to spare the Tunisian Jews but probably because they did not have the time because the occupation lasted only six months, from November 1942 to May 1943. Six long months despite everything for the Jews of Tunisia who were enough for the Tunisian Jews to be stuck, ransomed and humiliated. Six months during which men were subjected to forced labor and many Jewish homes were requisitioned.

Walter Rauff, who led an Einsatzkommando in Europe and was unable to continue his « work » in Egypt and the land of Israel because of Rommel’s defeat at Al Alamein, joined the German troops in Tunisia to continue his mission of destruction of the Jews.

Despite real plans to build extermination camps in Tunisia, Tunisian Jews were spared.

Perhaps partly thanks to the action of the Italian representation in Tunisia. Perhaps partly thanks to the will of the French governor in Tunisia, perhaps also because of the imminence of the recovery of Tunisia by the Americans. Indeed, if the latter had officially discovered the application of the final solution in Tunisia by disembarking the Allies would have been obliged to show their discontent what could have slowed the application of the final solution in Europe. Thus in Europe, the Americans and their allies could continue to pretend not to be aware.

My mother was born in 1927, she was fifteen years old in 1942. If the Nazis had been able to build the Nazi concentration camps in Tunisia as planned, my mother would have been deported and might have been manipulated by the crazy Nazi doctors.

One of them was to sterilize women by bombarding their ovaries with x-rays. If it had been applied to my mother, it was not she whom the Nazis would have sought to destroy, but her children to come, that is, myself, my brothers, my sister, and the generations to follow.

In these ovaries that the Germans destroyed, an ovum was destined for me, and that is the future of the Jewish people that the Germans wanted to destroy.

More than the Jewish generation of the Shoah, the Germans wanted to destroy future generations of Jews, including today’s.

As the Egyptians tried to do at the time of the birth of Moses.

The crime committed 80 years ago is not prescribed, especially since today hate speech against Jews is commonplace in Europe and in the world. The descendants of the peoples who committed the Holocaust or who were accomplices, implicitly or explicitly, continue today on the path of their fathers.

This crime is a result of the long night of the people of Israel. This long night, this return to Zion and the persecution suffered had already been announced by Moses in the desert as well as the punishment of the persecutors [12]. Predictions taken from the Song of Moses in an ultimate testament. Prediction confirmed by Isaiah and Jeremiah. In the same way the prophet Joel confirms and the return to Zion of the people of Israel and the vengeance against their enemies:

  • But Judah [13] shall remain forever, and Jerusalem throughout all generations.
  • Now should I cleanse, their blood I will not cleanse, when the Lord dwells in Zion.

In accordance with these predictions, the continuation of the psalm announces the punishment of future crimes committed against the Jewish people. That at the end of eighty years marking the continuation of the fault of the fathers on the part of the third and fourth generation in accordance with the predictions made that we have just recalled. The mention of the lyre is a reference to David who thus signs the prediction recalled in the psalm of this generation:

  1. Our Lord is great and has much strength; His understanding cannot be calculated.
  2. The Lord strengthens the humble; He humbles the wicked to the ground.
  3. Shout to the Lord with thanks; sing praises to our God with a lyre.

Under the pretext of the need for reconstruction, the crimes committed four generations ago against the Jewish people were soon erased. Europe has rebuilt itself with leadership, Germany. Failing to retain a military power, Germany has imposed its economic power. Like the European Central Bank which has its headquarters in Frankfurt in Germany and which manages the European currency according to the German wishes, the euro replacing the old Reich Mark.

Not only did the world not do justice to the sacrifice of the Jews during the Second World War, but moreover today uses their tragedy to attack the symbol of the survival of the Jews.

The State of Israel is thus constantly calumniated, treated as a Nazi, accused of practicing genocide; thus equating the Israelis with the worst criminals of the earth.

Nationals of countries who practice torture, ethnic cleansing and real crimes against humanity, can travel without hiding either their origin or their religion. Israelis and Jews must hide them and their nationality and religion.

Added to this are various deniers who deny or downplay the Holocaust or rewrite the history of the Middle East. All these attitudes correspond to a desire to kill a second time the Jewish victims of Nazism. Thus the nations of the present generation are accomplices of the nations of the generation of the Shoah and repeat the crimes.

God punished the Egyptians 80 years after they wanted to kill the firstborn Jews in the absence of real repentance of the fourth generation of Egypt. This event is not the only case where God has avenged his people 80 years after the faults committed against his people.

This is so that the world will know that if the nations do not repent of their faults towards the Jewish people, God will remind the nations that the chosen people can not be attacked with impunity without a real redemption.

If this redemption is not made by the faulty generation, it must be at least in the generations that follow, the third and ultimately the fourth generation.

The will of the Nazis to want to eliminate the Jewish people from the face of the earth with the complicity of the nations could not succeed. Thus Isaiah had predicted that the Jewish people would be decimated but not eliminated:

  • And when [14] there is yet a tenth of it, it will again be purged, like the terebinth and like the oak, which in the fall have but a trunk, the holy seed is its trunk.

This survival of the people of Israel is associated with the end of the disgrace of nations as predicted by Ezekiel:

  • And I shall multiply [15] men upon you, the whole house of Israel in its entirety, and the cities will be settled, and the ruins will be built up. (…)
  • And I shall no longer let you hear the disgrace of the nations; the taunt of the peoples you shall no longer bear, neither shall you bereave your nations any longer, » says the Lord God.

It seems that these predictions can be associated with the present generation if one refers to the continuation of the psalm of this generation which recalls the divine power and its preference for its worshipers.

Indeed, the continuation of the psalm of this generation seems to announce that the current generation is one that will finally see these predictions come true. The following of the psalm recalls the divine power and the love of God for his people resettled on his land with full sovereignty over Jerusalem:

  1. Who covers the heavens with clouds, Who prepares rain for the earth, Who causes the mountains to sprout grass.
  2. He gives the animal its food, to the young ravens which call out.
  3. He does not desire the might of the horse, nor does He take pleasure in the legs of man.
  4. The Lord desires those who fear Him, those who hope for His kindness.
  5. O Jerusalem, praise the Lord; extol Your God, O Zion.
  6. For He strengthened the bars of your gates; He blessed your children within you.

This passage indicates that God  « strengthened the bars of your gates« , speaking of Jerusalem and the Jewish people. This gives little hope to the enemies of Israel who today seek to prevent the reunification of Jerusalem. Even to want the destruction of the State of Israel or more simply the destruction of the Jews.

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake took place off the waters of Japan and caused a huge tsunami that devastated the east coast of Japan and especially the Fukushima nuclear power plant.


Japan is thus inflicted with an unprecedented wound, of water, by the tsunami, and of air, by the nuclear cloud escaping from the nuclear power plant which is no longer controlled.

But 80 years ago, in 1931, Japan, a future ally of Nazi Germany, invaded Manchuria. This invasion shattered the very young League of Nations in 1933, opening a royal road for European dictatorships for their ambitions of territorial expansions. What the Nazi regime will do this year 1933. Thus Japan is the first to pay the faults of the nations during the generation of the Shoah, 80 years after, or at the end of the fourth generation by wounds of water and air.

However, Japan’s fault with regard to what the European peoples committed a few years later can be considered « benign ». If there is proportion in the punishments, then those who expect Germany and its European accomplices, even American or global, implicit and explicit, should be much more terrible.

It seems that this divine punishment towards the direct and indirect authors of the Shoah is announced in the following of the psalm of our generation, the one hundred and forty seventh:

  1. Within your borders He makes peace; with the best of the wheat He will sate you.
  2. He sends His commandment to the earth; His word runs swiftly.
  3. He gives snow like wool; He scatters hoarfrost like ashes.
  4. He hurls His ice like crumbs; before His cold, who can stand?

The divine punishment seems to announce itself as a glaciation of Europe, or even of North America, as expressed in the passage (reminder of verses 16/17 of Psalm 147 quoted again above) :

  1. He gives snow like wool; He scatters hoarfrost like ashes.
  2. He hurls His ice like crumbs; before His cold, who can stand?

This forecast is fairly consistent with what Jeremiah predicted:

  • Behold [16] a storm from the Lord has gone forth [with] fury, yea, a whirling storm, on the heads of the wicked it shall rest.
  • The Lord’s anger shall not return until He executes it and until He fulfills the plans of His heart. At the end of days, you shall consider it perfectly.

But precisely to understand the meaning, we must go further in analyzing the events that could lead to this glaciation.

This glaciation should concern at least the countries of Europe most involved in the Holocaust. Either a large Eastern Europe, and presumably other areas of the northern hemisphere such as the United States and Canada that also have a significant share of responsibility in the realization of the Holocaust or rather in its no no-production. The divine vengeance could also reach other countries also complicit.

The wounds that will befall the heirs of those responsible for the Shoah, if we refer to the psalm of this generation, are indeed wounds of air and water. The reason these wounds are air and water wounds and not land and fire will not be explained on this website.

The elements mentioned in the prediction passage are well associated with water: snow, frost and ice cubes.

The elements mentioned in the prediction passage are also well associated with the air: snow, frost and ice are well associated with the cold, so the air.

While the whole world is moved by global warming due to human activity, is it reasonable to fear a glaciation in the north of our planet?

NASA recently detected an abnormal decline in solar activity that could result in a glaciation of Europe and North America as has happened in the past:

  • For more [17] than 400 years, from the early fifteenth to the mid-nineteenth century, the Earth was struck by an unusual weather phenomenon: the Little Ice Age. This period, which affected Europe and North America, was marked by a severe cooling of winters and short summers. And especially during the period called « Maunder minimum » approximately between 1645 and 1715, during which the number of sunspots was significantly lower than today.
  • At that time, the winters were so cold that the Thames froze. But is a new ice age still possible? According to NASA scientists, yes. Indeed, as the Daily Mail relays, researchers at the US agency have observed that solar activity is currently at its lowest level for almost a century.
  • These same scientists also claim to have found that the Sun was in conditions quite similar to that during the Maunder minimum period. Thus, if they say that 2013 was the year of the « solar maximum » they establish at 20% the probability that the temperatures evolve towards « major modifications ». This is the case of Richard Harrison of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, who assured the BBC « have never seen anything like it in thirty years ». « We are going straight to very harsh winters, to a mini ice age, » says the scientist.
  • Concretely, the number of sunspots has been sharply decreasing since 2011 and solar flares are becoming less and less important and more and more rare. Mike Lockwood of the University of Reading says that « by 40 years, there is a 10 to 20% chance of re-entering a glacial age such as during the Maunder Minimum Period. » Last year NASA warned that « something unexpected » is happening on the Sun.

However, if we rely on the psalm of our generation, this ice age, if it occurs, will not happen within forty years, but only a few years from now. Presumably as early as 2021 or 2022, 80 years after the actual outbreak of the Holocaust in 1941 or 1942.

In addition to this hypothesis, the winters of 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 were exceptionally cold winters in the United States and Canada due to polar vortices.

These same vortices could intensify the next winters and affect Europe in addition to North America.

Other phenomena could also cause such glaciation, a scenario similar to that of the film Armageddon but not by a single large comet but via a multiplicity of small comets, « big stones »:

  • The study [18] of prehistory is here to remind us that climate disasters can also have causes totally outside the functioning of our beautiful planet.
  • Thus the sudden cooling that froze the northern hemisphere for more than a millennium, between 12 900 BC and 11 600 BC, was probably caused by the fall of very large pebbles from the sky. In other words, comets or meteorites whose impact on the ground ejected large amounts of dust into the atmosphere. These, by blocking part of the solar radiation, would have tumbled temperatures of about 7 ° C in the space of a few centuries. Which is huge!

This curse could also correspond to a particularly high volcanic activity. Some justify some previous ice ages by exceptional volcanic eruptions. Thus, some scientists explain a short ice age between 1275 and 1300:

  • Between [19] the 13th and 19th centuries, the northern hemisphere experienced a cooling period commonly known as the Little Ice Age. It has resulted in a major advance of glaciers (especially in the Alps), colder summers, incessant rainfall, more regular floods and poor harvests that have caused famine episodes. We know these consequences through various medieval writings or works of art (the paintings of Brueghel the Elder and Brueghel the Younger, for example).
  • The end of this period has been accurately dated for some years (1850-1860). On the other hand, its beginning was for a long time vague, until the publication of new results in 2012. Thus, the northern hemisphere would have abruptly cooled between 1275 and 1300, to the point that only a volcanic origin could explain this event.

Some also justify the low temperatures of the early nineteenth century by other volcanic eruptions:

  • On April 5, 1815 [20], , a gigantic explosion ripped through the dome of Tambora, a volcano that had been dormant for 5,000 years, on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia. (…)
  • The cold of 1816, the « year without summer », was preceded by a cooling in 1810. Even as the « little ice age » raged since the middle of the fourteenth century, marked by harsh winters and wet summers, and some periods of warming. A Franco-American team discovered that another gigantic volcanic eruption, which occurred in 1809, probably explains the low temperatures of the early 1810s. However, they have not found their traces in the historical archives … for the moment.

We talked about the Armageddon movie about the comets risk, another American movie mentioned another possibility of glaciation: the movie « The Day After ».

The scenario of the film, as a whole, seems unlikely to scientists; the great suddenness of the glaciation being above all an indispensable element for making a successful film. Despite all the risk of a rapid glaciation following a « death » (not definitive) of the Gulf Stream is a reality that threatens the rich countries of the north of the planet. North America and especially Europe, all of whom have a more or less direct responsibility for the application of the Holocaust eighty years ago:

  • Scientists [21] have discovered that the global thermohaline [22] circulation is just over one meter per hour. In other words, 15.5 million cubic meters are moved per second, which equals the flow of eighty Amazon rivers or twelve times that of all the rivers in the world. As powerful as this marine river is, it would take two thousand eight hundred years to cover all the oceans of the globe thanks to what oceanologists call the « North Atlantic pump ». […]
  • The North Atlantic and Antarctic engines of the global thermohaline circulation have recently (2008) been identified as possible climatic « breakpoints » by an international team of climatologists, which means that a certain threshold of temperature or density of water must not be crossed for the currents to remain stable. If this critical point is exceeded, we could witness a radical and rapid change to a different state. Because the impulse of the main ocean currents is given by the wind and the differences in water density, there is a good chance that they will change in a world subject to climate change. This eventuality worries many scientists. […]
  • Thousands of studies attest to the reality of global warming, now commonly called « climate change » because of its heavy effects on the climate. A record snowfall, a tornado of exceptional violence or floods during the monsoon are the result of global warming, along with hot summers and prolonged droughts. […]Since Benjamin Franklin, we know that the Gulf Stream transports the heat of the Caribbean to the northern latitudes. It is thanks to this current that the winters are mild and humid in Great Britain and France, that the sea is relatively warm between Long Island and Boston. We have come to think that without him we would freeze in London and New York.
  • The central premise of the hit movie « The Day After », released in 2004, is that the Gulf Stream could suddenly stop. Eastern North America and Europe would be plunged into glacial-like weather by the sudden collapse of the Gulf Stream. Although the idea seems exaggerated and the almost instantaneous freeze that we see in the film is pure science fiction, there is something to be worried about. Oceanographers have already seen submarine currents slow down in the North Atlantic. Between 1957 and 2004, the deep water flow was reduced by 30% (this does not seem to have slowed down the shallow Gulf Stream or the more diffuse North Atlantic drift). It is too early to make a conclusive link between this slowdown and climate change.Ice-core cores, more than one hundred and twenty thousand years of climate data archived in Greenland’s annual snowbeds suggest that this section of the thermohaline circulation has already stopped many times. It seems that seizure can occur quickly, in a few decades. In the past, a sudden drop in the salinity of Arctic seas has been the triggering factor. […]
  • Ice-core cores, more than one hundred and twenty thousand years of climate data archived in Greenland’s annual snowbeds suggest that this section of the thermohaline circulation has already stopped many times. It seems that seizure can occur quickly, in a few decades. In the past, a sudden drop in the salinity of Arctic seas has been the triggering factor. […]
  • The abrupt changes revealed by the glacial archives are not so great that we do not have time to buy a polar and a more efficient boiler. But they have been enough so that, if they happened now, we have a hard time adapting. If this powerful river, the global thermohaline circulation, comes to a standstill, it would have a profound impact on terrestrial and marine life.

We can already notice before we go further that the cycle of the global thermohaline circulation estimated at about 2800 years already has some interest, because the psalm of this generation strangely echoes the psalm 8 which already evoked the stars of the sky and the « course of the oceans routes », we can cite the following passage from this Psalm (verses 3 to 10):

  • Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings You have established strength because of Your adversaries, in order to put an end to enemy and avenger.
  • When I see Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and stars that You have established,
  • what is man that You should remember him, and the son of man that You should be mindful of him?
  • Yet You have made him slightly less than the angels, and You have crowned him with glory and majesty.
  • You give him dominion over the work of Your hands; You have placed everything beneath his feet.
  • Flocks and cattle, all of them, and also the beasts of the field;
  • the birds of the sky and the fish of the sea, he traverses the ways of the seas.
  • O Lord, our Master, how mighty is Your name in all the earth!

But Psalm 8 corresponds to the generation 790 BC to 770 BC, a gap of two thousand eight hundred years with the current generation (2010 AD to 2030 AD), exactly the duration of the cycle of global thermohaline circulation. This increases the potentiality of a death of the Gulf Stream in the hypothesis of a glaciation especially as, if « what goes around the ocean » is mentioned in Psalm 8, it is also evoked in another way by Isaiah.

Thus, this scenario of a glaciation caused by, or for one cause, the « death » (temporary) of the Gulf Stream is quite in phase with Isaiah’s predictions concerning the end of time, or at least the end of a time such as is potentially the current generation:

  • [With] my soul [23], [With] my soul I longed for you at night; even [with] my spirit within me I beseeched You, for when Your judgments [come] to the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn justification.

Isaiah evokes in the night undergone by the people of Israel for nearly three millennia, night during which he stopped suffering humiliations and beatings of any kind from the nations. Now that the night is coming to an end, the dawn that points to the present generation will see the end of the curses suffered by the people of Israel. Morning is the occasion for God to make the nations pay for the misdeeds they have done to the people of Israel all night long and especially in the last generations of the night.

  • Shall the wicked be favored-who did not learn righteousness? In the land of uprightness he deals unjustly, and he does not see the pride of the Lord.

This divine punishment is unfortunately necessary, because in spite of the evidence of the responsibility of the nations in the wounds suffered by the Jews during the night and in particular in the last generations, these nations continue to think themselves safe from any punishment. . Thus up to the present generation, Jews are forced to hide their Jewishness within nations and are the target of nations on their land in the land of Israel. The nations do not hesitate through the powers in place or the international institutions to put the blame on the Jews including when they are just trying to avoid being destroyed or killed like sheep. This is what justifies the previous passage, in the absence of divine punishment, the nations will continue to attack the Jewish people without reason.

  • (…)
  • O Lord, in their straits they remembered You; they pour out prayer when Your chastening is upon them.
  • As a pregnant woman comes near to give birth, she shudders, she screams in her pangs, so were we because of You, O Lord.

Isaiah evokes the martyrdom lived by the generations of the Jewish people through the night.

  • Go, My people, come into your chambers and close your door about you; hide for but a moment, until the wrath passes.
  • For behold the Lord comes forth from His place to visit the iniquity of the dweller of the land upon him: and the land shall reveal its blood and it shall no longer conceal its slain ones.

This generation is that of divine vengeance to nations, especially the 80-year-old crime of the Holocaust. This generation is the last of the night, the last of the four hundred and seven generations of curses. The Jewish people can therefore still undergo during this generation a part of curse directed towards the nations. This is why Isaiah asks the Jews of this generation to take shelter, as the generation of the Egyptians did when the wounds fell on Egypt.

  • On that day, the Lord shall visit with His hard and great and strong sword on leviathan the barlike serpent, and upon leviathan the crooked serpent, and He shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.

Isaiah evokes the Leviathan, which is a kind of huge sea monster that meanders at the bottom of the sea, at the bottom of the oceans. If we take this sentence in the first degree, we do not understand this necessity. Indeed, to this day, no marine monster in the « animal » sense has stood on the road of the Jewish people. In fact, the word Leviathan has the root « Lev » which means heart in Hebrew. This monster is in fact the heart of the oceans, the one that, like an animal heart, ensures the circulation of water, thus life, within the oceans. It is obvious that if instead of killing an animal that has never manifested, God « kills » the Gulf Stream, the consequences for the nations will be formidable. Especially for Europe and North America both responsible at different levels of the application of the Holocaust 80 years ago. The punishment of nations would be commensurate with the misdeeds and predictions of David in the psalm of this generation. Especially if the death of the Gulf Stream is accompanied by all or part of the other possible causes of glaciation that we have mentioned.

  • On that day, « A vineyard producing wine, » sing to it.
  • I, the Lord, guard it, every moment I water it; lest He visit upon it, night and day I guard it.
  • I have no wrath; would that I were thorns and brier against the [objects of My] war! I would tread upon it and ignite it together.

Through Isaiah, God reaffirms the validity of the covenant with his people, the Jewish people. Although nations may think that all the misfortunes that have touched the people of Israel for three thousand years are a definite sign of God’s surrender to their people, it is not so. All these misfortunes were necessary for the people of Israel to know that their place is on their earth and not within the nations, near the vineyard of delights.

  • If they would grasp My fortress, they would make peace for Me, they would make peace for Me.
  • Those who came, whom Jacob caused to take root, Israel flourished and blossomed and they filled the face of the world with fruitage.

Through Isaiah always God tells the nations that divine wrath can be eased if they definitely accept the election of the people of Israel to be beneficial to the nations.

In any case, whether it is due to an evolution of solar activity, to polar vortices, to a shower of mini comets, to volcanic eruptions or to a halt of the Gulf Stream, or even to a combination of these causes , the glaciation of the north of our planet seems well programmed by the psalmist for the present generation.

It is reasonable to think, based on the construction of psalm, that this glaciation, or at least its extreme point, should occur during the 80 years of the Shoah. Probably in 2021 or 2022, generating large-scale human and economic losses, to be worthy of the crime committed 80 years ago.

However, just as God did not wish to destroy Nineveh, this glaciation will not put an end to life on earth or to the survival of the nations targeted by divine punishment.

As the following of the Psalm of this generation expresses:

  1. He sends His word and melts them; He blows His wind; water runs.

Water is also mentioned in the end of the wound to indicate that it no longer punishes: the waters resume their course.

The air is still evoked in the end of the wound to indicate that it no longer punishes: the thaw takes place, it blows the wind.

This generation is the end of a world but not the end of the world.

Thus even the death of the Gulf Stream, if it should participate in the predicted glaciation, should not be final:

  • At the end [24] of each failure (of the global thermohaline circulation) – there have been at least seven in the past 60,000 years – the ocean circulation has resumed abruptly. We know this because the sea surface temperatures suddenly rose several degrees under the influx of water from warmer latitudes.

The plagues announced by David in the psalm of this generation will result in a change of attitude of nations towards the people of Israel. They can only recognize that only the people of Israel carry the original divine message and that only they can restore harmony in this world.

This is what the end of the psalm of this generation expresses:

  1. He tells His words to Jacob, His statutes and His judgments to Israel.
  2. He did not do so to any nation, and they did not know the judgments. Hallelujah!

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