Psalm 10

English translation got from website:

  1. O Lord, why do You stand from afar? [Why do] You hide in times of distress?
  2. With the haughtiness of the wicked man, he pursues the poor man. They are caught in the plots that they have devised.
  3. For the wicked man boasts about the desire of his soul, and the robber congratulates himself for having blasphemed the Lord.
  4. A wicked man at the height of his anger; « He will not seek; there is no God, » [say] all his thoughts.
  5. His ways prosper at all times; Your judgments are far removed from him. All his adversaries-he blows at them.
  6. He says to himself, « I will not fall; for all generations I will not be in adversity. »
  7. His mouth is full of oaths and deceits and guile; under his tongue is mischief and iniquity.
  8. He sits in the lurking-places of the villages; in hidden places he slays the innocent; his eyes spy on Your army.
  9. He lurks in a hidden place; like a lion in his den, he lurks to seize a poor man; he seizes a poor man when he draws his net.
  10. He crouches, he bows down, and an army of broken people shall fall by his signals.
  11. He says in his heart, « God has forgotten; He has hidden His face, He never sees. »
  12. Arise, O Lord God, lift up Your hand; do not forget the humble.
  13. Why did a wicked man blaspheme God? He said in his heart that You do not seek.
  14. You saw, for You look at mischief and provocation to give with Your power; upon You Your army leaves [its burden]; You would help the orphan.
  15. Break the arm of the wicked, but as for the evil one-You will seek his wickedness and not find [it].
  16. The Lord is King forever and ever; nations perish from His land.
  17. You shall hear the desire of the humble, O Lord; may You prepare their heart, may Your ear hearken.
  18. To judge the orphan and the crushed one, that he no longer continue to break the weak from the earth.