Psalm 12

English translation got from website:

  1. For the conductor on the sheminith, a song of David.
  2. Save, O Lord, for the pious are gone, for the faithful have vanished from the sons of men.
  3. One speaks to another with falseness, smooth talk; they speak with a double heart.
  4. May the Lord cut off all smooth lips, the tongue that speaks great things.
  5. Who said, « With our tongue we will overpower; our lips are with us. Who is lord over us? »
  6. Because of the plunder of the poor, because of the cry of the needy, Now I will rise, the Lord shall say; I will grant them salvation, He shall speak concerning them.
  7. The sayings of the Lord are pure sayings, like silver refined, exposed to the earth, clarified sevenfold.
  8. You, O Lord, shall guard them; You shall guard him from this generation forever.
  9. Wicked men walk on all sides when the [one who appears] basest to the sons of men is elevated.