Psalm 68

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and verse 32 which follows the translation of « The Message » from Eugene H. Peterson )

  1. For the conductor, a psalm, a song of David.
  2. May God rise; His enemies scatter, and those who hate Him flee from before Him.
  3. As smoke is driven away, You will drive [them] away; as wax melts before fire, the wicked will perish from before God.
  4. And the righteous will rejoice, yea, they will exult before God and they will delight with joy.
  5. « Sing to God, sing praises to His name, praise Him Who rides in Aravoth by His name Yah, and rejoice before Him.
  6. O Father of orphans and Judge of widows, O God in His holy dwelling place. »
  7. God settles the solitary in a house; He takes the prisoners out at the most opportune time, but the rebellious dwell in an arid land.
  8. O God, when You went out before Your people, when You marched through the wilderness, forever.
  9. The earth quaked, even the heavens dripped; this is Sinai, because of God, the God of Israel.
  10. Generous rain You poured down, O God; Your heritage, which was weary, You established.
  11. Your congregation dwelt therein; You prepare with Your goodness for the poor, O God.
  12. The Lord will give out a word; they will announce it to a great multitude.
  13. Kings of hosts will wander, yea they will wander, and she who dwells in the house will divide the spoils.
  14. If you lie between the borders-the feathers of a dove covered with silver, and its pinions with brilliant gold.
  15. When the Almighty spreads out for kings therein, it will become as white as snow in darkness.
  16. The mountain of God is the mountain of Bashan; the mountain of peaks is the mountain of Bashan.
  17. Why do you lurk, you lofty mountains, for the mountain that God desired for His dwelling? Even the Lord will dwell [there] forever.
  18. God’s chariot is twice ten thousand times thousands of angels. The Lord was among them at Sinai in His holiness.
  19. You ascended on high, you took captives; you took gifts to be among men, and also rebellious ones for Yah God to dwell.
  20. Blessed is the Lord; every day God lavishes upon us our salvation forever.
  21. God is to us the God of salvations, but God the Lord has the ways to death.
  22. Indeed God will wound His enemies’ head, the hairy pate of him who goes with his guilt.
  23. The Lord said, « I shall restore from Bashan; I shall restore from the depths of the sea.
  24. In order that your foot may wade through blood; the tongue of your dogs will have its portion from the enemies. »
  25. They saw Your ways, O God, the ways of my God, my King in sanctity.
  26. Singers went first, minstrels afterwards, in the midst of maidens playing timbrels.
  27. In congregations bless God the Lord, from the womb of Israel.
  28. There Benjamin the youngest rules over them; the princes of Judah pelt them with stones, as do the princes of Zebulun and the princes of Naftali.
  29. Your God has commanded your strength; show this strength, O God, which You have wrought for us.
  30. From Your Temple, which is over Jerusalem, kings will bring You tribute.
  31. Rebuke the beast among the reeds, the herd of bulls among the calves of the nations. Humbled, may the beast bring bars of silver. Scatter the nations who delight in war.
  32. Let Egyptian traders bring blue cloth and Cush come running to God, her hands outstretched.
  33. Kingdoms of the earth, sing to God, sing praises to the Lord forever.
  34. To Him Who rides on the heaven of heavens of old; behold, He gives forth with His voice a voice of strength.
  35. Attribute strength to God; over Israel is His pride, and His strength is in the skies.
  36. You are feared, O God, from Your Sanctuary; the God of Israel-He gives strength and power to the people; blessed be God.