Psalm 77

English translation got from website:

  1. For the conductor on jeduthun, a song of Asaph.
  2. My voice is to God, and I shall cry out; my voice is to God, and hearken to me.
  3. On the day of my distress, I sought the Lord; my wound oozes at night and does not abate; my soul refuses to be comforted.
  4. I remember God and I stir; I speak and my spirit becomes faint, forever.
  5. You held fast the awakenings of my eyes; I throb and I do not speak.
  6. I think of days of yore, ancient years.
  7. I recall my music at night; I speak with my heart and my spirit searches.
  8. « Will the Lord forsake [me] forever and nevermore be appeased?
  9. Has His kindness ended forever? Has He issued a decree for all generations?
  10. Has God forgotten to be gracious? Has He, in anger, shut off His mercy forever? »
  11. And I said, « This is to terrify me, the change of the right hand of the Most High. »
  12. I recall the deeds of Yah when I remember Your wonder from time immemorial.
  13. And I meditate over all Your works, and I speak of Your deeds.
  14. O God, Your way is in sanctity. Who is a power as great as God?
  15. You are the God Who works wonders; You made known Your might among the peoples.
  16. You redeemed Your people with Your arm, the sons of Jacob and Joseph forever.
  17. The waters perceived You, O God, the waters perceived You, they trembled, even the deeps quaked.
  18. They poured forth thick waters; the skies let out a voice, even your arrows went abroad.
  19. The sound of Your thunder is like a wheel; the lightning illuminated the world; the earth shook and quaked.
  20. In the sea was Your way, and Your path in the mighty waters, and Your steps were not known.
  21. You led Your people like sheep by the hand of Moses and Aaron.