Psalm 140

English translation got from website:

  1. For the conductor, a song of David.
  2. Rescue me, O Lord, from an evil man from a man of robbery You shall guard me.
  3. Who plotted evil things in their heart; every day they gather to wage war.
  4. They whetted their tongue like a serpent; the venom of a spider is under their lips forever.
  5. Guard me, O Lord, from the hands of a wicked man; from a man of robbery You shall watch me, who plotted to cause my steps to slip.
  6. Haughty men have concealed a snare for me, and [with] ropes they spread a net beside [my] path; they laid traps for me constantly.
  7. I said to the Lord, « You are my God. » Hearken, O Lord, to the voice of my supplications.
  8. God, O Lord, the might of my salvation; You shall protect my head on the day of battle.
  9. O Lord, do not grant the desires of the wicked; do not let his thoughts succeed, for they are constantly haughty.
  10. The numbers of those who surround me, may the lies of their lips cover them.
  11. Let fiery coals descend on them; He will cast them into fire, in wars, so that they will not rise.
  12. A slanderer will not be established on earth; a man of violence, the evil will trap him with thrust upon thrust.
  13. I know that the Lord will perform the judgment of a poor man, the cause of the needy.
  14. But the righteous will thank Your name; the upright will sit before You.