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copyright: Timonina
Reference: 1140723254
Date: not indicated
Subject: Western Wall, Jerusalem. The Wailing Wall Inscription in Gold 5779. Shana Tova / Rosh Hashanah / Happy New Year.


copyright: unknown (Stadt Archive)
Date: November 10, 1938 (Crystal Night)
Subject: Synagogue at Bamberg (1910-1938) – Destruction during the Crystal Night (1938)




copyright: Unknown agency (Georg Pahl) – German Federal Archives
Reference: Bild 146-1970-083-42
Date: Subject: Magdeburg.- Destruction of the Jewish trade (after « Reichskristallnacht » / Crystal Night on November 9, 1938) .- Hermanns & Froitzheim store with broken windows

Date: November 7, 2015
Subject: Demonstration for the boycott of Israeli products in Paris.

copyright: Georg Pahl  (1900–1963) – German Federal Archives
Reference: Bild 102-14468
Date: November 10, 1938 (Crystal Night)
Subject: Berlin or Oldenburg (?) .- Boycott of the National Socialists against Jewish businesses in Germany, man of the SA and man of the SS sticking a placard with the inscription « Germans! Resist! Do not buy Jews! » in the window of a jewish shop