The year 5779 of the Israelite calendar has just begun, on this occasion, I wish a Shana Tovah to all, Jews and non-Jews.

In 2 months, we will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the « Crystal Night » (contestable name).

On the night of November 10, 1938, [i], throughout the territory of the German Reich, nearly two hundred synagogues and places of worship were destroyed, 7,500 businesses and businesses operated by Jews ransacked; a hundred Jews were murdered. Hundreds more committed suicide or died as a result of their wounds and nearly 30,000 were deported to concentration camps. In total, the pogrom and deportations that followed killed 2,000 to 2,500 people. The culmination of the wave of anti-Semitism that swept through Germany as soon as the Nazis came to power in January 1933, the « Crystal Night » was part of the beginnings of the Holocaust.

Indeed, that day, Hitler could test if the Europeans would follow him in his will to solve the « Jewish question » in Europe. It is clear that the international response has been almost non-existent. Hitler knew then that he would have his hands free when the time came to attack the elimination of the Jews. Throughout the second world war, the complicity of the nations in the Holocaust will not be denied, between real complicities and passivity of facade.

As I explain on my website, God’s response to the attacks on his people, the Jewish people, take place 80 years after the fact. One condition is that the fathers ‘faults must be repeated until the fourth generation, since children can not be punished directly for the fathers’ fault. But they are guilty if they reproduce these faults ( » (I/God) am [ii] a zealous God, Who visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons, upon the third and the fourth generation of those who hate Me « ).

Now the crime is being repeated in the fourth generation (late 80 years).

The Holocaust had as its premise the boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany, today, the BDS, throughout Europe works for the boycott of Israeli products, hiding a visceral anti-Semitism behind a circumstantial anti-Zionism.

The new design of Europe at the end of the First World War had the effect of awakening and reviving European nationalisms and making the Jews of Europe no longer have their place with the result that we know during of the second world war.
The current project of the European Union seems to have the same results. By trying to impose a European identity at the expense of national identities, nationalisms are waking up everywhere in Europe today.
So it seems that the fourth generation in Europe is reproducing the faults of their fathers, those of the generation of the Shoah, in other forms.
Psalm 147 seems to announce that the response to the Shoah will be to this generation (from 2010 to 2030) via a glaciation of Europe or at least of Central and Eastern Europe.
The reference date of the Shoah can be the triggering of the final solution (late 1941, early 1942) or precisely the Night of Crystal. In this case, those in Europe who have complained about heat waves associated with global warming may well be changed this winter.
What Psalm 147 provides for our generation (2010-2030):

2010 AD to 2030 AD, Psalm 147: The glaciation

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[ii]  Shemot – Exodus – Chapter 20, verse 5

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