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Moses Mendelshonn shutterstock_348517814

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 348517814
Copyright: Solodov Alexey
Date: around 1979
Subject: West Berlin – A first-day stamp issued in FRG commemorates the philosopher Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786).


Copyright: (Illustrators of the Holman Bible)
Date: 1890
Subject: Moses looking at the promised land

Copyright: Joseph II, Emperor of the Romans (1741-1790, Slovenia archive of the central state in Ljubljana)
Date: October 13, 1781
Subject: Edict of tolerance published by the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and Sovereign ruler of the Habsburgs, Joseph II October 13, 1781. First page of the document. On top it reads: « Edict targeting members of the Lutheran confession and the Calvinist confession, as well as the Greek Orthodox, for the tolerance of their religion and gives them the right to exercise it privately »



constitution us shutterstock_61144897

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 61144897
Subject: Scroll of the US Constitution


Reference: Museum of the History of France (Versailles), inventory number 86EE1289 / MV 5517
Copyright: anonymous
Date: July 14, 1789 (event)
Subject: Storming of the Bastille and arrest the Governor M. de Launay, July 14, 1789.

Copyright: (This map was obtained from an edition of the National Atlas of the United States)
Date: 1970 (event: 1800)
Subject: 1800 US Presidential Election


Copyright: Herman Heijenbrock (1871–1948)
Date: around 1890
Subject: Iron and steel industry.

Copyright: John Locke
Date: 1690 edition
Subject: Government Treaties.




Copyright: Sir Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723, State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg / Russia)
Date: 1697
Subject: John Locke



Copyright: Sarony & Major lithography
Date: 1846 (event: 1773)
Subject: Boston Tea Party: Settlers throw English tea into Boston Harbor. This is due to anger at the British government over taxes in the settlements. For this action, the settlers are represented dressed as Native Americans.

Copyright: not indicated
Date: 2010
Subject: Commemorative plaque of the Treaty of Paris, fixed at the Jacob Street building (No. 56) where the treaty was signed.
Text: In this building, formerly York Hotel, September 3, 1783 David Hartly, on behalf of the King of England, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, John Adams, on behalf of United States of America, signed the Treaty Definitive Peace Recognizing the Independence of the United States

Copyright: Platonykiss
Date: 2010
Subject: First page of Moses Mendelssohn’s book « Jerusalem or the religious power ». Berlin: Friedrich Maurer 1783



Copyright: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (Paris, France)
Date: 2011
Subject: School of Jewish Boys. Located at No. 27 in Berlin’s Grosse Hamburger Strasse, this building housed a school for Jewish and other faith children in 1788. The initiative goes to the great Jewish philosopher of the Enlightenment: Moses Mendelssohn. Closed by the Nazis, it has become a school since 1993.

washington macon shutterstock_238816720

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 238816720
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: 1866
Subject: George Washington in Masonic Outfit, Holding Manuscript and Trowel



Franklin independance shutterstock_238057750

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 238057750
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: 1776
Subject: Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston and John Adams.

franklin paratonnerre shutterstock_252133345

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 252133345
Copyright: Everett Historical (Currier & Ives painting)
Date: 1876 (1752 the event)
Subject: Benjamin Franklin experimentation demonstrating the electrical nature of the lightning from which he invented the lightning rod.

1755_Lisbon_earthquake - CopieDistributor:
Copyright: unknown
Date: 1755
Object: Lisbon, Portugal, during the great earthquake of November 1, 1755. This copper engraving, made the same year, shows the city in ruins and in flames. Tsunamis on the shore, destroying wharves. Engraving is also remarkable in showing the highly disturbed water in the harbor, which sank many ships. Passengers in the left are showing signs of panic.

Lisbonne Tsunamishutterstock_245088661

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 245088661
Copyright: gvictoria
Subject: Giant wave of tsunami about to crash on Lisbon.

Copyright: Maksim.
Date: 1718 (book)
Subject: « History of the future » by Antonio Vieyra.



Copyright: Francisco Rizi
Date: 1683
Subject: Autodafe Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Copyright: Nicolas de Larmessin
Date: 1690
Subject: Pope Innocent XI.



Copyright: anonymous
Date: 17th century
Subject: « The way to burn those who have been condemned by the Inquisition. » Autodafe and the stakes of the Portuguese Inquisition, from an original engraving of the seventeenth century. This engraving shows Lisbon Commerce Square (Palace Square at the time) before the earthquake of 1755. The building of the image is the Ribeira Palace, which was destroyed by the earthquake.

Copyright: unknown (from the book: Joao V by Beatriz da Silva Nizza)
Date: of the unspecified work
Subject: D. Luis da Cunha, Minister of Joao V



Copyright: Pedroso, João, 1823-1890
Date: 1876
Subject: Lisbon Cathedral after 1755



Copyright: Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (1707–1783)
Date: 1757
Subject: Ruins of St. Paul’s Church, after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake.


Copyright: Jean-Jacques Rousseau (photo: Fivedit)
Date: 1762 (edition, photo: 2015)
Subject: Emile, or Education



Copyright: D’après Johann Baptist von Lampi (1751–1830)
Date: before 1831
Subject: HSH Prince Grigory Potemkin-Tauride (1739-1791)