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Copyright: Frédéric Goupil-Fesquet  / Friedrich Salathé (1793–1858, Getty Center )
Date: December 1839
Subject: Engraving of one of the first photographs of Jerusalem. Daguerreotype photograph taken by Frédéric Goupil-Fesquet in December 1839. Engraved by Friedrich Salathé.

Copyright: Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863)
Date: not indicated
Subject: This allegory presents a woman symbolizing freedom and guiding the population in revolt during the Glorious Three (1830). The scene takes place in Paris (see the towers of Notre Dame visible on the right of the image) and the characters in revolt on the barricades represent all the components of the Parisian people: the soldier, the bourgeois, the craftsman, the woman and the child.

Copyright: Henri Félix Emmanuel Philippoteaux (1815–1884)
Date: 19th century
Subject: Lamartine in front of the Paris City Hall on February 25, 1848 refuses the red flag

Copyright: scanned by User:Csanády
Date: May 21, 1849
Subject: Seat of Buda Castle (Hungary)

usa 1841 shutterstock_245959618

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 245959618
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: March 4, 1841
Subject: President William Harrison’s Investiture in Washington City D.C. Harrison delivers a 2-hour speech denouncing the policies of Jackson and Van Buren.

Copyright: not indicated
Date: 1833
Subject: Certificate certifying the payment of the « protection of money » for a Jewish resident (1833). The system of « protected Jews » dates from the beginning of modern times and allowed some Jews to obtain a better legal status in return for the payment of the « protection of money » [Schutzgeld]. Above all, the authorities used this system to prevent poor Jews from settling in their territory. Although the French Revolution brought the emancipation of Jews to Germany, the « payment of money » protection in the Kingdom of Hanover in 1833, as evidenced here, shows that even after 1815 the old legal discrimination continues or has been restored; the Revolution of 1848-1849 will not lead to definitive equality.

Copyright: Paul Boizard (publisher)
Date: 19th century
Subject: Ibrahim Pasha with his father Mehmet Ali and Colonel Sève.




Copyright: Charles-Théodore Frère
Date: (1837)
Subject: Jerusalem and its environs, 1837


Copyright: John Carne (1789–1844)
Date: 1836
Subject: Synagogue of the Jews in Jerusalem. (From John Carne, Syria, The Holy Land, Asia Minor, & C. Illustrated In a series of views, taken from nature by WH Bartlett, William Purser, & c., London, Fisher, Son & Co. , 1836-1838.).



mur shutterstock_409061995

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 409061995
Copyright: ArtDesign Illustration
Subject: West wall of Jerusalem, prayer. the city of David – old city of Jerusalem. Israel. Digital illustration. Hand drawn.



Copyright: unknown
Date: 1893
Subject: Photo taken in 1893: installation of Hakham Bashi in Jerusalem at Yohanan Ben Zakai Synagogue.

Copyright: Michel Chiha (L’Orient newspaper)
Date: February 6, 1930 (1840 for the event)
Object: Drawing depicting Father Tommaso and his servant Ibrahim Amarah, missing in Damascus on February 5, 1840.



Copyright: Moritz Daniel Oppenheim (1800–1882)
Date: 1851
Subject: The Case of Damascus: Rabbi prepares his defense by studying the Talmud, in the background a distant Capuchin priest on the threshold of the door.


Moses_Montefiore annoteDistributor:
Copyright: unknown
Date: 19th century
Subject: Moses Montefiore




Copyright: unknown
Date: –
Subject: Salomon Munk



AdolpheCremieux annoteDistributor:
Copyright: Excerpt from « the Jewish Encyclopedia »
Date: published between 1901 and 1906
Subject: Adolphe Crémieux



Reine victoria shutterstock_252140719(1) annote

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 252140719
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: 1836
Subject: Queen Victoria (1819-1901), Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 to 1901, Empress of the Indies from 1876 to 1901.


Copyright: User:Elderson
Date: December 22, 2007
Subject: The Russian Consulate in Jerusalem on Shivtei Yisra’el Street. Erected in stages since 1860 for the Russian consulate, it combines European characteristics and local building techniques.



Copyright: (Illustrated London News)
Date: December 18, 1858
Subject: The Mill (Montefiore) of the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.




Copyright: Tamar Hayardeni
Date: July 2010
Subject: Israel – Detail of the Gate of the Mikvah-Israel Synagogue the motive illustrates the motto of the Israelite Universal Alliance: « Kol Israel Haverim »: All members of Israel are friends.



Copyright: Extrait de « the Jewish Encyclopedia »
Date: published between 1901 and 1906
Subject: Apprenticeships at the Israelite Alliance Farm School in Djedeida (Tunisia)


Copyright: Hamerton, R.J. (Original source: Damer, Mrs. G.L. Dawson. « Diary of A Tour in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and The Holy Land, Volume 1. » (Henry Colburn, London: 1841). p 298a.)
Date: 1841
Subject: View of the Omar Mosque, a large domed building on the site of the Temple of Jerusalem.


Distributor:  Shutterstock
Reference: 218930239
Copyright: Morphart Creation
Date: 1881
Object: City of Haifa in Israel seen by a man from Mount Carmel in 1881.