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loreley shutterstock_206298709

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 206298709
Copyright: Markus Schoeffler
Subject: Lorelei / Rhine / Rhine Valley

Copyright: MM. Drioux et Leroy
Date: 1866
Subject: The French departments under the first empire (in 1811 precisely). Note: The department of Liamone was merged with that of Golo on April 19, 1811; the department of Lippe was created on April 26, 1811; the departments of Liamone and Lippe have therefore never officially existed at the same time although they are both represented on the map.

Copyright: Bernard-Edouard_Swebach
Date: 1838
Subject: Retirement of Russia – Bernard-Edouard Swebach – Exhibition The disasters of the war 1800-2014 – Louvre-Lens Museum. Loan of the Museum of Fine Arts Besançon.

waterloo shutterstock_268996865 annote

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 268996865
Copyright: Morphart Creation
Date: 1885 (work)
Subject: Battle of Waterloo, Ney’s (ultimate) charge with the cuirassiers.

machine vapeur shutterstock_255233923

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 255233923
Copyright: DutchScenery
Subject: Steam engine.

Die sogenannten "Hep-Hep-Krawalle" in Frankfurt am Main, Antisemitische Ausschreitungen in Deutschland 1819; Radierung, zeitgenössischOriginal: Frankfurt am Main, Historisches MuseumStandort bitte unbedingt angeben!;Distributor:
Copyright: Johann Michael Voltz (1784–1858)
Date: 1819
Subject: Engraving showing a riot called « Hepp-Hepp » against the Jews in Frankfurt. This was one of the many anti-Semitic riots that took place in Germany in 1819 in a climate of anti-Semitism fueled by various anti-Jewish publications. The participants in these riots gathered at the shout, « Hepp Hepp », which could be the acronym for « Hierosolyma is perdita », which means « Jerusalem is lost ».

Copyright: Draft (1837): Tony Johannot (del.) and Copper Engraving (1837):
Date: 1837
Subject: Heinrich Heine



Copyright: unknown
Date: 1839
Subject: Eduard Gans




Copyright: Friedrich Silcher (d. 1860) and Heinrich Heine (d. 1856)
Date: 1859
Subject: I know not if there is a reason / Why I am so sad at heart. / A legend of bygone ages / Haunts me and will not depart …



Copyright: unknown
Date: around 1900
Subject: Jacobson School and Synagogue in Seesen (Germany)

Copyright: (Library of General and Practical Knowledge, Vol 5 « (1905), German Literature, page 115)
Date: 1905
Subject: Heinrich Heine in 1829.



kant shutterstock_88588885

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 88588885
Copyright: Nicku
Date: 1905-1909
Subject: Immanuel Kant – Photo of Meyer Lexicon books written in German language. Collection of 21 volumes published between 1905 and 1909.


ficht shutterstock_89266675

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 89266675
Copyright: Nicku
Date: 1905-1909
Subject: Johann Gottlieb Fichte – Photo of Meyer Lexicon books written in German. Collection of 21 volumes published between 1905 and 1909.


Copyright: (Otto von Reinsberg-Düringsfeld: The year of celebration in the manners, customs and festivals of the Germanic peoples S. W. Spamer, Leipzig 1863. Bavarian Library in Munich, signature: Germ.g. 390 w)
Date: 1863
Subject: God Thor / Thunar



Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 163149434
Copyright: 360b
Date: September 2008
Object: Statue of the « Lorelei » at the Lorelei Rock, Rhine River, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany.



sirenes shutterstock_109472312

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 109472312
Copyright: Shumo4ka
Date: Greek antiquity
Subject: siren singing. Ancient Greece, painted on a vase. Iliad, History of the odyssey.



Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 144039697
Copyright: SF photo
Object: aerial view of the Rhine, natural border between France and Germany, near Iffezheim, Baden.


Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 156312788
Copyright: dnaveh
Subject: Jordan – Hasbani, one of the main tributaries feeding the Jordan in northern Israel


sanskrit shutterstock_315656048

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 315656048
Copyright: JOAT
Date: –
Subject: Ganapati songs, Sanskrit manuscript. This mantra means « fervent bow / present greeting to the Lord of the World. »

lhasa potala shutterstock_234181546

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: :234181546
Copyright: dibrova
Subject: Rising Sun on Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet