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Copyright: Anton von Werner (1843-1915,Museen Nord / Bismarck Museum)
Date: 1885
Subject: The proclamation of the German Empire. The third version of the proclamation of the King of Prussia William I as Emperor of Germany at Versailles, by Anton von Werner. The first two versions were destroyed during the Second World War. This version was commissioned by the Prussian royal family for the 70th birthday of Chancellor Bismarck.

Copyright: William Simpson, artist (1823-1899). E[dmond]. Morin, lithographer (1824 – 1882), working for « Day & Son, lithrs. to the Queen »
Date: October 22, 1855
Subject: The attack of Malakoff by w: William Simpson. The engraving shows the assault on Malakoff, the most important Russian fortification before Sebastopol, on September 7, 1855, during the Crimean War. French soldiers and Zouaves advance, cross the ditch, and engage the Russian soldiers in a close combat. This document was published on October 22, 1855, less than two months after the event, which can be considered at the time as contemporary for this type of mass reproduction in color.


Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 230498899
Copyright: FLANDRIN, Jean-Hippolyte (1809-1864). Everett – Art
Date: 1861
Subject: Napoleon III




Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 252133981
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: around 1880
Subject: Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898)



Copyright: Official telegram sent by the Prussian Chancellor Bismarck to all Embassies Inspired by an article published the day before by the Gazette of North Germany recounting a very short dialogue between the King of Prussia and the French Ambassador in Berlin .
Date: July 14, 1870
Subject: -Image of the telegram of Ems which resulted in Napoleon III declaring war on Prussia.


guerre prusse 1870 shutterstock_89795803

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 89795803
CopyrightEngraved by anonymous / UK. (Georgios Kollidas)
Date: 1870
Subject: The King of Prussia and his generals in the Franco-Prussian War.

Copyright: unknown
Date: not indicated
Subject: Louis II of Bavaria. Photograph taken in Hohenschwangau.



Copyright: Carl Wagner (1796-1867, Bulgarian Archives State Agency)
Date: before 1867
Subject: Otto von Bismarck at Versailles. (album with photos of Bismarck, published on the occasion of his 80th birthday in Berlin in 1895).


Reference: United States Library of Congress under identification number pga.02505
Copyright: unknown
Date: around 1871
Subject: Triumphal entry into Paris of the German (Prussian) army.

Copyright not indicated
Date: 1866 (?)
Subject: Main Prussian military leaders engaged in the Battle of Sadowa in 1866: (from top to bottom then from left to right) Otto von Bismarck / General Eduard Vogel von Falckenstein / General Karl Friedrich von Steinmetz / Albrecht Graf von Roon / General Eduard Moritz von Flies / General Karl Eberhard Herwarth von Bittenfeld.

Copyright: (Ernst Keil’s Nachfolger)
Date: 1866
Subject: Arrival of artillery pieces from the Mecklenburg region in Magdeburg station in Leipzig.

Copyright: loki11 (l’illustration Européenne – the European illustration – : /1870 / no16 p.125)
Date: 1870
Subject: A bombshell on Saint-Michel Boulevard



Copyright: Friedrich Wilhelm Heine (1845 – 1921)
Date: July 11, 1871 (event) 1879 (painting)
Subject: The solemn reception given to Crown Prince Albert of Saxony in front of the Saxony troops by the Dresden City Council on July 11, 1871.

emancipation des juifsDistributor:
Copyright: Sbtools (Data Source: Holocaust Teacher’s Guide, produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology)
Date: 25 February 2007 (?)
Subject: Representation of the emancipation of the Jews


Copyright: unknown (Israel Museum)
Date: 1870
Subject: celebration of Yom Kippur by Jewish soldiers of the German (Prussian) army.


Nietzche shutterstock_89000947

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 89000947
Copyright: Nicku (Meyers livres -books- Lexicon)
Date: 1905-1909 (edition)
Subject: Friedrich Nietzsche.


Copyright: Arthur Rackham (1867-1939)
Date: 1910
Object: illustration of Wagner’s operas « The Gold of the Rhine » and « The Valkyrie ».


piege oiseau shutterstock_239424406

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 239424406
Copyright: peerawat Songbundit
Subject: Bird trapped in a net

Copyright: unknown
Date: March 1st, 1881
Subject: The murderous attack against Alexander II of Russia.

Brockhaus_and_Efron_Jewish_Encyclopedia_e12_054-0 annoteDistributor:
Copyright: unknown (Illustration by Brockhaus and Efron Jewish Encyclopedia (1906-1913))
Date: before 1906
Subject: Brodsky Synagogue in Odessa


Copyright: unknown
Date: 1881
Subject: execution of the murderers of Alexander II of Russia


Copyright: Sergey Lvovich Levitsky (1819–1898)
Date: 1880
Subject: Portrait of Alexander III



Warszawa.synagoga.wielka annotéDistributor:
Copyright: unknown
Date: around 1915
Subject: Warsaw Great Synagogue



Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 242816329
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: 1880
Subject: A crowd of immigrants disembarking at Castle Garden in 1880 include a man from Eastern Europe with a fur hat and caricatured facial features.


Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 242820736
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: 1884
Subject: Hester Market Street, Lower East Side of New York in 1884. The district became a haven for Polish and Eastern European Jews emigrated from the Russian Empire because of anti-Jewish pogroms.

premiere guerre mondiale shutterstock_245965831

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 245965831
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: 1914-1918
Subject: British cannons in a high position fire towards the battlefield during the First World War.

Booklet_of_postcards__Richon-le-Zion_et_Zicron-Jacob,_Palestine,_ca.1900_(CHS-47571~15) rogneDistributor:
Copyright: unknown
Date: around 1900
Subject: Postcard of the Cooperative Vigneronne Company of the Grand Caves of Rishon-le-Zion and Zicron-Jacob.

Mikveh_Israel_28 annoteDistributor:
Copyright: Ovedc
Date: September 14, 2012
Subject: Agricultural School Mikvah Israel is Israel’s first agricultural school. The school was founded by Karl Netter in 1870 east of Jaffa south of the Jaffa-Jerusalem road.