24 novembre 2016

The judgment of Solomon

lille_pdba_wicar_jugement_de_salomonTwo women were arguing, claiming, each, to be the mother of a same infant. This case was submitted to Solomon and the story is known, not just Jews.

Salomon offers to cut the infant in two to distribute « a part » to each of the women. One of the two women preferred that the infant stay alive even if it had to be for the other woman. This woman, on the other hand, accepted the « sharing ».

Solomon deduces that the woman who refused the sharing was the real mother because a mother can not accept that her child be killed only to prevent it from falling to another woman. So he gave the infant back to his real mother.

As for the mothers subject to Solomon’s judgment, the Palestinians in Gaza today prefer to burn down the land they claim to make it deserted and uncultivated rather than flourished and enhanced by the Jews. This terrorism by fire is not new, already in 2016 many criminal fires were thus provoked with the same goal.

As Solomon deduced for the women claiming the same infant, the people who are ready to destroy the land they claim must abandon all claims to it.

This earth can only fall to the people who have always shown their love for it by making it reborn.


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