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Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 1945696
Copyright: lero
Object: Auschwitz is a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated by the Third Reich in the Polish regions annexed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War, near Oswiecim, Poland.

auschwitz shutterstock annote _369332183

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 369332183
Copyright: BeeZeePhoto
Subject: Oswiecim, Poland – January 27, 2016: The death gate of the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz Birkenau II.

Copyright: unknown
Date: April 1st, 1933
Subject: During the boycott of the Jews on April 1, 1933 in Nazi Germany, Jews are forced to march with placards with anti-Semitic slogans. Men in uniform are SA members. On the banners, slogans such as: « Do not buy from Jews » and « A good German does not buy from Jews ».



Copyright: Theo Eisenhart
Date: March 21, 1933
Subject: Marshal Zentralbild von Hindenburg and Chancellor Adolf Hitler on the Potsdam Day (March 21, 1933). [Potsdam.- Chancellor Adolf Hitler greets President Paul von Hindenburg (in uniform with a pointed helmet) and gives him his hand]

Copyright: unknown (German Federal Archives)
Date: February 27, 1933
Subject: Berlin in the morning after the Reichstag fire. Spectators and police in front of the Reichstag building.

staline shutterstock_119017750Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 119017750
Copyright: Teia
Subject: Portrait of Joseph Stalin


ADN-ZB/Archiv Sowjetunion, August 1939, Im Moskauer Kreml wird am 23.8.1939 ein Nichtangriffsvertrag zwischen dem deutschen Reich und der UdSSR unterzeichnet. Nach der Unterzeichnung im Gespräch J.W. Stalin und der deutsche Reichsaußenminister Joachim von Ribbentrop (r.).Distributor:
Copyright: unknown (German Federal Archives)
Date: August 23, 1939
Subject: Soviet Union, 23 August 1939 in the Moscow Kremlin signature of the non-aggression treaty between the German Reich and the Soviet Union. After the signing, conversation between J.W. Stalin and the German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop.



barbarossa shutterstock_251930464

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 251930464
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: summer 1941
Subject: Soviet tanks destroyed in Junourcia, during the German invasion of the USSR during the Second World War.

Copyright: unknown
Date: 1930s
Subject: Japanese column of the 2nd tank regiment in the 1930s.

Copyright: unknown
Date: autumn 1939
Subject: Humiliation of Jews by German soldiers. Warsaw, autumn 1939.




invasion pologne shutterstock_249573640(1 annote)

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 249573640
Copyright: Everett Historical
Subject: Beginning of the Second World War in Europe. The Germans invaded Poland with armored and motorized divisions in September 1939.

Compiegne 1940, Generaloberst Keitel überreicht die WaffenstillstandsbedingungenDistributor:
Copyright: unknown (German Federal Archives)
Date: June 22, 1940
Subject: Signature of the Armistice in the Wagon of the Armistice in the forest of Compiegne, June 22, 1940. Left General Keitel, right, the French delegation with General Huntziger surrounded by General Aviation Bergeret and vice -Admiral Le Luc (in profile)

barbarossa massacres annote shutterstock_251930446

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 251930446
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: September 1941.
Subject: Five Soviet civilians are being hanged by German soldiers near the town of Velizh in the Smolensk region. Russian partisans or hostages. May be executed in retaliation for partisan operations.

juifs 1941 annote shutterstock_249572956

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 249572956
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: 1941
Subject: German atrocities in Poland ca. 1941. Polish women led by soldiers through the woods to their place of execution during the Second World War.

Lviv_pogrom_b (June_-_July_1941)Distributor:
Copyright: inconnu
Date: June-July 1941
Subject: Pursued by young people armed with sticks, woman fleeing a « merchant of death » whose left leg can be seen on the left edge of the photograph. Between June 30 and July 2, 1941, and again, from July 25 to 29, 1941 (known as the Petlura days, encouraged by the SS) during the Second World War, at least 6,000 Polish Jews were killed at the Lviv Ghetto. by Ukrainian armed nationalists. In addition 2500 to 3000 Jews were killed (between these two closely linked pogromes) by death squads of the Einsatzgruppe C

Copyright: unknown
Reference: USHMM # 17878, USHMM for United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)
Date: October 14, 1942
Subject: A member of the Einsatzgruppen fires on naked women and children, either in Poland or Russia during the Second World War. This photo was taken during the liquidation of the Ghetto Mizocz on October 14, 1942. The USHMM gives the following information on the provenance of this image: « Information about this stock, including photos, was acquired from of a man named Hille, who was the Bezirks-Oberwachtmeister (district sergeant) of the gendarmerie at the time. Hille apparently gave the five pictures (there were originally seven) to the law firm of a textile company in Kunert, Czechoslovakia, where he worked as a janitor after the war. The Czech government confiscated these in 1946 and then made them public. The fact that the photographs show the shooting of Jews as part of the liquidation of the ghetto was also confirmed by a statement by District Gendarmerie Sergeant Josef Paur in 1961. « 

Copyright: Mark Voorendt
Date: April 2003
Subject: Babi Yar ravine


Copyright: unknown
Date: 1940-1941
Subject: Forced resettlement of Jews from villages and small towns in the Warsaw district of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Copyright: Unknown Photographer of the Gestapo
Date: 1941
Subject: Remains of Jewish victims executed by the Nazis near the town of Zolochiv. In the province of Lviv in western Ukraine (then in USRR) the Nazi Einsatzkommandos (mobile Nazis execute shots of Jewish civilians in Ukraine.) This German photo (made by the Gestapo after execution before the mass grave is covered) was discovered by Soviets at the former headquarters of the Gestapo after the liberation of the city in July 1944. – According to the documents of the extraordinary Soviet Commission that was researching the Nazi crimes –

Copyright: Universal-International News (Filmmaterial)
Date: 1962
Subject: Adolf Eichmann (1906, 1962) during the trial in Israel in 1962.


auschwitz arrivée shutterstock_237230113

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 237230113
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: 1944
Subject: Selection and separation of detainees at the arrival of the train at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland.

four crematoire shutterstock_72616189

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 72616189
Copyright: D. Kucharski K. Kucharska
Subject: Crematorium at Majdanek, Nazi concentration camp near Lublin.

Copyright: Photographer unknown; Collectie Anne Frank Stichting Amsterdam
Date: 1940
Subject: Anne Frank School Picture, taken in 1940 in the sixth year of the Montessori, Niersstraat 41-43, Amsterdam (Netherlands)



holocaust illustration shutterstock_339138854

Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 339138854
Copyright: Eugene Ivanov
Subject: Illustration of the Holocaust


Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 249573196
Copyright: Photo by Yevgeny Khaldei. Everett Historical
Date: May 1945
Subject: Battle of Berlin. Two elderly German men, the one wearing the armband blind, the other his assistant, sitting on a crate in the middle of the rubble.

Copyright: unknown
Date: 1937
Subject: Convoy of immigrants on a special train from Vienna.


Date: February 19, 1934
Subject: The first German youth group doing its Aliyah walking to kibbutz Ein Harod.


Copyright: National Archives and Records Administration
Date: July 6, 1945
Subject: In the cellar of the « Race » Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, Chaplain Samuel Blinder examines one of hundreds of « Sefer Torahs » that have been stolen from all occupied countries in Europe by the Nazis.

Der Grossmufti von Palästina vom Führer empfangen. Der Führer empfing in Gegenwart des Reichsministers des Auswärtigen von Ribbentrop den Grossmufti von Palästina, Sayid Amin al Husseini, zu einer herzlichen und für die Zukunft der arabischen Länder bedeutungsvollen Unterredung. 9.12.41 Presse HoffmannDistributor:
Reference: inventory number Bild 146-1987-004-09A (German Federal Archives)
Copyright: Heinrich Hoffmann
Date: November 28, 1941
Subject: Hitler receives Grand Mufti, Sayid Amin al Husseini, from Jerusalem in the presence of Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop in a warm and meaningful setting for the future of Reich cooperation with the Arab world.

Copyright: Zvi Oron
Date: 1936
Subject: Lord Peel Commission


Copyright: Padres Hana
Date: 1936
Subject: British troops enter Nazareth



Distributor: Shutterstock
Reference: 249572827
Copyright: Everett Historical
Date: May 18, 1939
Subject: Jewish protest against the White Paper. Demonstration at the Rehavia Gymnasium in Jerusalem.

Copyright: The Palmach Archive
Date: around 1943
Subject: Palmach (Israel Defense Forces)

Date: March 22, 1947
Subject: The Exodus.


Copyright: Rudi Weissenstein
Date: May 14, 1948
Subject: David Ben Gurion proclaims the State of Israel on May 14, 1948 in Tel Aviv, Israel, under the portrait of Theodor Herzl.


Copyright: Christophe Cagé
Date: March 2006
Subject: Map of Territorial Changes between 47 and 49 – Israel’s War of Independence.